Some of our favorite local purveyors for produce, dairy, meat and seafood.

Star Route Farm
County Line Harvest
Full Belly Farm
Front Porch Farm

Devoto Gardens
Iacopi Farm

Toscano & Sons Family Farm
Marin Roots Farm
Tomatero Farm
Zuckerman’s Farm

DeSantis Farm

Stepladder Ranch
Bellwether Farms
Cowgirl Creamery

Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co.
Prather Ranch
Golden Gate Meat

Rossotti Ranch
Osprey Seafood

Underground Truffle Purveyors

Della Fattoria Bakery

Say Hay Farms 

Solano Mushrooms 

Garcia Greens 

Kashiwase Farms 

Fiddler's Green Farms 


CAFF  The Community Alliance with Family Farmers is building a movement of rural and urban people to foster family-scale agriculture that cares for the land, sustains local economies and promotes social justice.

MARIN ORGANIC  Marin Organic is an association of organic producers in Marin County whose livelihood is based on a respect for nature and a sense of place. As the primary link between farmers and eaters, Marin Organic is committed to promoting and supporting a sustainable, organic county - a county in which growers and the people who rely on them recognize their mutual interdependence.


Leslie Allen Painter Local artist and painter of the artwork you see throughout the restaurant. Showing at Divino courtesy of Seager Gray Gallery. 

Artist website: http://studio300acom 

Gallery website: http://www.http://seagergray.com

Caledonia Street Business Alliance  Promotes business and organizes events on Caledonia St

ASCAP  The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers